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CoreCommerce Review

Creating an online store is something everyone is trying to do. With the right ecommerce software, it’s still possible even with all of the competition out there. So, is CoreCommerce the platform for you? Our unbiased CoreCommerce review with pros and cons may be worth reading.

Founded in 2001, their platform is a fairly older name in the world of ecommerce platforms. Today, their platform powers over 13,000 online stores. Not a big number of stores, but don’t let that fool you.

Who is CoreCommerce good for?

Their shopping cart is good for small to medium online stores. However, even some of the largest companies use CoreCommerce to sell their products online.

Their platform is also a good fit for nonprofit companies as you’ll receive various discounts.

I just don’t see them as a good fit for large stores due to their storage restrictions. You’ll quickly exceed your storage space by adding multiple product images and other store files.

Pricing and fees

corecommerce pricing

  • Price: $39.99/month to $199.99/month
  • Annual Discount: None
  • Setup Fees: None
  • Bandwidth Overages: None to $9 per gigabyte
  • Transaction Fees: None
  • Products: 150 to unlimited
  • Bandwidth: 2 GB to unlimited
  • Storage: 1 GB to 50 GB

CoreCommerce offers a 15-day free trial that you can try here.

Ease of use

While it definitely doesn’t take a rocket scientist to use CoreCommerce, their dashboard is a little outdated and boring.

Upon logging into your account, you’ll be greeted by a setup wizard that’ll guide you through several configuration steps. However, this wizard can be skipped and you can work on your store at your own pace.

From the admin backend, you’ll be able to complete various store functions such as adding inventory, fulfill orders, publishing content, view store statistics, and design your online store. One area of the dashboard that’s neat is the fact that you can rearrange different elements by dragging and dropping their boxes. This will allow you to display the most important information first.

The customer frontend is clean and user-friendly. Your customers shouldn’t have any problems navigating around the site and purchasing products from the store.

Everything seems to work without any hiccups.

Design options

This is an area where CoreCommerce really excels over its competition. They offer a total of 201 free themes. A vast majority of these themes are responsive.

Here are some of the free themes that you can use for your online store:

corecommerce themes

The design of the store can be edited using html and css. You’ll also have the ability to add various widgets to the sidebar, build a custom homepage slider, and upload your custom logos.

Even with the array of design options, CoreCommerce doesn’t have a drag-and-drop editor that allows for a simple design configuration. On the plus side, they have a WYSIWYG editor for adding descriptions for your products.

Unfortunately, you can’t upload a theme you’ve created from scratch.

Overall, the platform offers various design tools that are easy to use and necessary to build a beautiful looking website.

Email auto-responders

This is a very neat feature that CoreCommerce offers. The email auto-responders are custom created emails that are sent to customers that order a specific product from your store. You can also set it so the same email is sent for every order.

It has an easy-to-use WYSIWYG editor that allows you to insert content. You can also add various attachments to the auto-responder.
Apps and extras

This is an area that their platform struggles and could use some improvements.

CoreCommerce offers various integrations in the form of plugins. These plugins are mainly integrations for different social sharing websites, email marketing platforms, and eBay.

On the plus side, they do have a built-in API tool where you’ll be able to write your own scripts to insert into your store.

corecommerce plugins

Mobile ecommerce

If you don’t know the importance of mobile ecommerce, you have no idea what you’ve been missing.

Since a vast majority of CoreCommerce themes are responsive, you don’t have to worry about mobile ecommerce. They take care of everything for you.

Once a customer visits your store using a mobile device, the screen will automatically adjust to the appropriate size to give them a pleasant shopping experience.

In the past, they gave you the option to turn this feature on and off. This is no longer the case as all of their responsive themes already have this enabled.

Search engine optimization

The entire store is already optimized using the latest search engine optimization technology.

Every page and product you create, you’ll be able to add friendly URLs, custom product URLs, keywords, meta titles, and much more. Their platform also gives you the option to create 301 redirects and sitemaps.

Here are the SEO settings when adding individual products:

corecommerce seo settings

Support resources

By now, we should all know and understand the importance of reliable customer support. Generally, you’ll want support that’s familiar with ecommerce.

CoreCommerce is a lot smaller than many of the top ecommerce platforms out there so you can expect quicker response times from their support department.

Their support department is available 24/7 via phone, live chat, and standard email ticketing. On top of traditional human support, they offer helpful guides and informative tutorials. A community forum is also available.

As mentioned above they have a very small customer base, so support requests are answered very efficiently. I would like to see if their response times remain the same as their platform becomes more popular.

Hosting, security, and backup options

CoreCommerce is a hosted ecommerce platform, so you don’t need to purchase a separate web hosting account. However, I do recommend purchasing your own domain name from NameCheap.

Their hosting is optimized for ecommerce stores. The speed of your store will reflect that. Their hosting servers guarantee an uptime of 99.9%, so you never have to worry about any downtime.

The security of your store is an important consideration when choosing the right ecommerce platform. Thankfully, CoreCommerce takes security to the next level by offering a free shared 256-bit encryption SSL certificate, firewall protection, and automatic admin logout.

All plans offer daily backups and automatic platform updates.

CoreCommerce pros

  • Their platform doesn’t charge any transaction fees.
  • They offer an array of marketing features such as an affiliate program, product reviews, reward points system, and many others.
  • Real-time shipping rates from multiple carriers such as UPS, USPS, FedEx, DHL, and Australia Post.
  • The interface is ridiculously easy to use, although it’s a bit outdated.
  • Their platform offers hundreds of free themes to help improve the overall design of your store.

CoreCommerce cons

  • It limits storage space even with its top paid plan.
  • Their platform doesn’t integrate well with third-party apps.
  • It’s a bit pricey when compared to other ecommerce platforms.

Should I use CoreCommerce for ecommerce?

Whether you’re an expert or just getting started, CoreCommerce can be the right shopping cart for your online store. At first glance, their shopping cart looks a lot like BigCommerce (see my Bigcommerce review).

Sure, CoreCommerce isn’t a perfect solution – I don’t think a perfect platform exists. While there a several improvements that can be made to their platform, I think CoreCommerce is a good shopping cart for an online store.

If you’re looking for a platform that does just about everything with minor flaws, I say go with their platform. If you’re ready to get started and see how CoreCommerce can help your online businesses, head over to their website and start a free trial.

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